Can the Paleo Diet Help You Lose Weight eat Paleo Dinner Recipes?

There are all sorts of ways to go about losing weight. In our society today, it’s become rather common for fad diets to crop up almost every day. The weight loss niche has become a huge market in itself that bookstores now devote a section to books on diet and weight loss. You may have heard of the Paleo diet and considering it. This diet is based on the diet that humans during the Paleolithic era were thought to have consumed. Logically, it’s full of holes, but a lot of people have followed the Paleo diet to lose weight. So is the Paleo diet a diet that’s right for you? Read on to find out.


In this diet, the emphasis is on consuming foods that are natural, including meat. So, instead of factory farmed meat that is pumped full of hormones and other additives and fed a diet of who knows what, you would eat only hormone free, grass fed meat. So if you’re going to keep eating meat, go with the healthiest type there is. This also applies to the vegetables and fruits you’re allowed to eat in this diet. In this diet, you’re allowed to eat only pesticide free and organic produce. So essentially, the Paleo diet is among the healthier diets available. There are a number of variations of this diet. The CrossFit diet is one of them. Two more versions of this diet include the Wai diet and Instincto diet. There are also vegan and vegetarian alternatives that you can choose if those are lifestyles you lead. The many versions of the diet means if one version of the Paleo diet isn’t working for you, you can try a different version. But then again, it can get pretty confusing when you have to choose from so many versions of one diet. How exactly do you tell which version of the diet is best for you? How much time do you spend on each one until you decide it doesn’t work?


One major change that will happen if you adopt the Paleo Diet for your weight loss program is that you will significantly increase your fiber intake. This is particularly true if you decide to go with the vegetarian version of the Paleo diet. This is going to significantly boost your fiber consumption.


Is the Paleo diet worth trying out? It’s really up to you. Remember that it can be a restrictive diet, but it does have a number of healthy things about it. To really find out if the Paleo diet is a good weight loss program for you, talk to your doctor about it. You’ll find different opinions on the Paleo diet, but ultimately, the opinion of your doctor is the only one that really matters.


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